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When I first started attending boot camp I wore a size 16, and now I am a size 12, but can fit some 10's. My bust size was a triple D and now it's a D. The most spectacular thing however, is geared toward my health. At my last annual Dr's visit early this week, my Dr. expressed to me that my numbers (glucose, blood pressure, good and bad cholestrol, lipids, all blood work) is excellent!!!! She told me that even though my chronological age is 38, my REAL age per my blood work is between 25-28 (Big Smiles:) ) taking 13 years off off my chronological age.
Again, Prussia, I want to give my heart felt thanks for encouraging me to dig in deep and not give in when body wants to stop....You have definitely been a Life Saver!!!!!

~ Kimyata C., Michigan



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