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No points or meal deliveries here. This is just the basics and that's what I needed. I feel blessed to know what I put into my body and how it affects me. I love how I'm beginning to look already.

~ Christine M.



Weight Loss & Nutrition Discussion Group

Are you struggling to reach and maintain a healthy weight? Do you need additional support and motivation with reaching your weight loss goals? If so, then join our Weight Loss & Nutrition Discussion Group and get the support that you need to make lasting lifestyle changes. This class provides a realistic approach to losing weight while giving you one-on-one attention in combating the issues that sabotage your weight loss efforts. Join other people like yourself who:

Eat too much sugar and too many sweets.

Are always “on the go”; getting most of their meals from a drive–thru window.

Start a new diet every Monday and by Wednesday they are back to their old eating habits.

Do well during the day, but by the evening, eat everything in sight.

Don’t seem to eat a lot, but still cannot lose the weight.

The list goes on and on.


Help Me Get The Weight Off - (2x/week) $25.00/month
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